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Nobilis Tilia Natural Cosmetics Store

Nobilis Tilia is a “world of scents” that was born in Vlčí Hora. The manufacturer of certified natural cosmetics and aromatherapy products has been operating here since 1994. In the Nobilis Tilia complex, you will find a delightful store, filled with beautiful gifts for the whole family. On the property, all can enjoy a walk through the expansive herb garden filled with detailed explanations of each plant from which the products are crafted. In the summer and off-season, there is a sun-lit tea room and deck. In addition to tea, you can also enjoy fresh soup (seasonal), local homemade desserts, coffee, and organic lemonades. Enjoy this local gem just a stone’s throw away from your doorstep! 

Vlčí Hora Lookout Tower

The most prolific feature in Vlčí Hory might just be its lookout tower. Rising to 581 m above sea level, it is the oldest lookout tower in the Šluknov region. Several hiking trails lead to it right from the cottage. To get there, just follow the yellow trail markers, the red hiking path, or the Kögler nature trail. The journey takes about 45 minutes. It is an easy 2km hike and definitely suitable for children. From May to September, the lookout tower is open daily. Out of season it’s open on weekends, so plan accordingly. A hike to Vlčí Hora lookout tower paired with a visit to Nobilis Tilia is a pleasant way to spend the afternoon, without needing to get in the car. 

Kögler's Educational Trail

The Kögler Trail is the oldest nature trail in the Czech Republic. It was opened in 1941 by Mr. Rudolf Kögler. After he passed away in 1946, the trail was neglected and consumed by forest. Yet, with help from the Czech Tourism Club and the town of Krásná Lípa, the path was able to be reopened to the public in 2006. Beginning in Krásná Lípa, the trail leads through Vlčí Hora, so you can join it straight from the cottage and shorten the long loop in many places. With 39 information boards to keep you company, you just might learn something about local history along the way. 

Kyjov Valley Dam and Castle Ruins

Kyjovské údolí is one of the most visited places in Czech Switzerland National Park. There are many hiking and biking trails in this region that will amaze you. Set deep within rocky spires of the park, most everyone finds peace and inspiration along the trails. If you’re bringing children, we recommend parking in the Kyjov lot and walking through the valley. It is also suitable for kids to bring their bikes. For hiking enthusiasts, the cottage trails lead right into the park. A short walk across the valley and you are there. Cyclists can bike downhill from the cottage and be right at the entrance of Kyjovské údolí in about 10 minutes. It is possible to continue to Jetřichovice from there. In the valley, you will also find climbing trails and many historic rock castles. The village of Kyjov, has a beautiful dam that is a popular stop for many tourists as well. 

House of Bohemian Switzerland in Krásná Lípa

The House of Bohemian Switzerland Tourist Center is located on the square in Krásná Lípa. It offers excellent information about the whole region, guide services, and a wide range of souvenirs. They also feature an interactive nature exhibition that’s perfect entertainment for the whole family. You can reach it in minutes by car from the cottage, or make it a pitstop on a hearty 5km dayhike. Great beer and snacks await you at the Falkenstein Brewery next to the tourist center. The brewery offers traditional Czech beer, which is left untreated by pasteurization.

Stonehenge and Dymník Lookout Tower

The Czech Stonehenge in Rumburk (aka the stone tree of life) was constructed according to the principles of sacred geometry and Kabbalah. As a spiritual symbol, it stands to remind us that the order of heaven is similar to the order of earth with man standing like a ‘bolt’ between them. The stones were cut from local granite more than 100 years ago and discovered during reconstruction of the sewerage system in Jiřetín pod Jedlovou. The lookout tower, Dymník, stands at an altitude of 516 meters. It’s open daily from May to September, and on weekends the rest of the year. This beautiful area can be reached by bike or on foot directly from the cottage. 

Jedlová Lookout Tower and Tolštejn Castle Ruins

A trip to Jedlova is historic and breathtaking. This ‘Stations of the Cross’ hike dates back to the 18th century. Atop Jedlová, there is a lookout tower and a restaurant. At 774 meters, Jedlová mountain is the third highest peak in the Lusatian range. The Jedlová sports complex offers many summer activities – a giant swing, a climbing wall, a rope park, you can even rent a scooter there and return it at the Jedlová railway station! In winter, there is a ski area and in summer the ski lift is also in use. Just two kilometers from Jedlova, stand the majestic medieval ruins of Tolštejn Castle, which dates back to 1337. We recommend going to the top of the castle, which offers beautiful views and a restaurant fit for a king. 

Jetřichovice Prospects

Mary’s Viewpoint, Vilemina’s Wall, and Rudolf’s Stone are the most famous landmarks in Bohemian Switzerland National Park. There are must-see attractions! From the car park in Jetřichovice, a marked hiking trail will lead to these viewpoints. While they are a short distance from each other, the whole trail is a healthy 7 km. But don’t take it lightly, the journey is challenging. With lots of uphill climbs, ladders, and natural stairways carved into rock faces, it can take up to 5 hours to complete. However, you won’t regret it! 

Šaunštejn Rock Castle and Malá pravčická Gate

The remains of Šaunštejn Castle are located near Vysoká Lípa. The castle was conquered in 1444 and became a refuge for gangs of medieval bandits earning it the moniker Loupežák. The castle boasts metallic ladders, bridges, railings, and a spectacular view of the valley below. Only 500 meters away from this area is the natural rock arch Malá pravčická brána. An iron lookout is built on its top. We highly recommend walking the Vysoká Lípa circuit on your trip! 

Pravčická brána

The Pravčická Gate is perhaps the most famous symbol of Bohemian Switzerland National Park. It came to be as it is today due to millions of years of erosion. Mostly etched by wind and water, the sandstone massif inspired a visit from famous author, Hans Christian Andersen. There are two main routes to Pravčická gate, one from Hřensko and another from Mezní Louka. The Hřensko route is 2 km by road. It is shorter, but much steeper. The route from Mezní Louka is about 1.5 km longer, but it leads through rocks and opens unto beautiful views. From April to October, the gate is accessible daily and off-season only on weekends. It is open every day during the Christmas holidays.

Kamenice Gorges

Another popular attraction of the national park is a touristic boat ride along the river Kamenice Tichá (Edmundova) and Divoká Gorge. On the trip, a lively ferryman will tell you about the history of the gorges. We recommend you enjoy these local tales and descriptions of surrounding rock formations. The ferries travel in both directions, upstream and downstream. There is a cute restaurant on the bridge between the gorges if your appetite calls. And, the road to the gorges itself is very attractive. It contains riverside viewpoints, leads through rock tunnels, and takes you across footbridges above the river itself. It is a perfect idea for families with small children. We recommend parking in the settlement of Mezní Louka, walking along the river to the gorge, and taking the boats to Hřensko. A tourist bus runs from Hřensko back to Mezní Louka.

Dolský Mill

The ruins of the original three-wheeled mill and adjacent sawmill date back to 1515. After initial industrial use, the mill transformed into a brewery and brandy still. The mill also served as a backdrop for a restaurant accessible via riverboats, yet, after World War II, it was abandoned. Today, only the remains of the perimeter walls are visible. Dolský mill was declared a national monument and two fairy tales were filmed here – the Proud Princess and Hell with a Princess. A comfortable 3 km road from the village Jetřichovice leads right to the mill. It’s another perfect daytrip for families with small children

Nature is open all year round!

Bohemian Switzerland National Park and the Lužické Hory Protected Landscape Area offer endless natural viewpoints to invigorate, bestill, and inspire. The summer season is most popular, but visitors happily arrive throughout the year. In the spring, nature wakes up from hibernation, flowers bloom, and birdsongs accompany you every step of the way. As Autumn begins, the forest leaves parade into beautiful hues. When it snows, you can see the unique Brtníky ice falls, 3.5 km from the cottage on a marked hiking trail. In winter, you can also visit the more distant Tiské stěny in the village of Tisá located in the Labské pískovce Protected Landscape Area, where the film Narnia was shot.

Other lookout towers in the area that are worth a visit:

Luž (the highest mountain in the Lusatian Mountains)

Růženka (lookout tower of 2018)

Tanečnice (Mikulášovice)

Studenec (Chřibská)

Hvozd (Krompach)

Děčínský Sněžník (Děčín)

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