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Bohemian Switzerland

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Explore the beauty of the Bohemian Switzerland National Park

Through the eyes of our guests


"Vlčihorská chaloupka offers absolutely everything one could want from an accommodation. The interior is wonderfully equipped and in the morning, you can watch the deer from the window. They feed just a few meters away from the cottage. We fell in love with the place instantly and can’t wait to return."

Lucie R.

"This property has a beautiful atmosphere and amazing location. The cottage is fully-furnished with tasteful decor. The photos on the web present exactly what you’ll find when you arrive. The owner is very nice. We stayed with our children and the whole family really enjoyed it. We look forward to returning."

Markéta H.

"This accommodation is located in the heart of Bohemian Switzerland, as advertised. The cottage felt like home. We happily cooked our meals in the well-stocked kitchen. The kids loved it too. The owner was very easy to arrange with. For two families with small children in the wintertime, it served as a perfect getaway. We definitely want to come again in the summer."

Radek Š.

"The cottage is not only beautiful, but filled with positive energy from the owner. We were pleased to discover it was clean and furnished. For a family with a small child and an adolescent dog, this cottage was a much needed escape from Prague."

Zuzana C.

"This fairytale cottage is fully-equipped to make you feel as if you were at home. It is tidy and well-prepared for visitors. The owner was polite, helpful, and it was a great price too. The surroundings are sublime and there are so many great daytrips to choose from."

Michaela K.

"Beautiful cozy cottage, nicely equipped, easy rental process, and a lovely landlord. Lots of interesting places to visit in the area too."

Jitka S.

"Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. We spent our family vacation right here in this cottage. I fell in love with it in the photos, especially the tiled stoves. Happy to report that reality exceeded my expectations. It was fresh, clean, comfortable, and the owner was very nice. After a tiring journey from Brno, it was exactly the peaceful place we hoped to find. Thank you, we are definitely not here for the last time."

Petra Z.

"We spent a beautiful week on vacation in the cottage and we were completely satisfied. The place was unique. It feels like being at the end of the world, and at the same time, we didn’t miss anything we left behind! Even though we travelled all the way from Brno, it was a worthwhile trip."

Jana B.

"Very beautiful cottage. Perfectly equipped. Rooms were cozy and nicely furnished. There was also a well-lit swimming pool and a neatly adorned patio for lounging about. We enjoyed a restful stay in the quiet of nature. The owner was an absolute dear. We didn't miss anything back home. I would recommend it to everyone."

Pavla B.
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